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Matty Pettitt stands out as one of only two certified Hairskeen salon professionals in Minnesota! He has undergone comprehensive hands-on Hairskeen training, coupled with regularly updated online resources and collaboration within the esteemed Hairskeen network of educators and professionals.


Embark on a new era in men's hair restoration solutions with Matthew Robert Salon. Discover the ultimate solution to hair loss and thinning with custom hair systems, offering personalized, secure, and maintenance-free results. Matthew Robert Salon proudly offers Hairskeen hair systems, known for their top-tier quality and advanced technology, at our Woodbury, MN salon location.


From contemporary urban styles to timeless classics, unlock endless possibilities with Hairskeen’s comprehensive styling options. Elevate your confidence and embrace a youthful appearance effortlessly, as Hairskeen goes beyond merely restoring your hair, empowering you to reclaim your self-assurance and redefine your image with confidence.



Crafted to address all forms of hair loss, Hairskeen's solution features an ultra-thin base incorporating cutting-edge advanced skin technology, premium 100% natural human hair, and V-loop application for unmatched durability and realism, ensuring the natural look you desire. Meticulously engineered and custom-fitted to your head, Hairskeen securely attaches to your scalp without any bumps or ridges, providing a seamless and secure fit.


Matty Pettitt, our men’s hair restoration specialist will expertly color match, install, cut and style your unit to seamlessly blend with your own hair, meeting your specific preferences. Inspired by the allure of cinema and embraced by international stars, Hairskeen offers a discreet solution, delivering completely natural and undetectable results without the need for surgery.


Bid farewell to hair loss worries once and for all. Schedule a private hair loss evaluation today and discover the confidence-boosting benefits awaiting you with Hairskeen.

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